Self-love Inspirational LGBT Quotes

“Nature made a mistake, which I have corrected. I am now your daughter.” Christine Jorgensen.   

Being a Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender is not that easy! People will throw stones-like words at you. On the road-side, in buses, in theatres, in public places, they’ll make you feel like hell.       

But, just don’t care. You’re an angel from another world of lights! You’re a master who corrected the mistake committed by nature. Create your own path, decorate it with fragrant flowers all through the way and just enjoy the voyage.   

For this, you’ve to stay motivated at all times leaving no little space for negativity. Here, we’ve curated a few inspiring quotes that make you celebrate every second of your life.    

We welcome you Kings & Queens.  

Winding Up 

Inspirational quotes can greatly help you in not giving heed to the society that puts you down. If people treat you as disabled, show them that you’re differently abled. Nurture the practice of consuming motivational quotes from books, films, TV shows, newspapers, and anywhere you name it.  

If quotes don’t motivate you and direct your path, and if you feel like things are going worse, then you can definitely opt for a free consultation at Different Approaches. Reach us at any time, we can stretch out our supporting arms to you.   

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