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Before starting with the medication process, we analyze your health conditions and apply tailor-made approaches.

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Our skilled therapists deliver the best-in-class psychiatric solutions to couples, youths, individuals, children, and adults.

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We provide the required counseling to help you focus on the happy & healthy side of life. 

Who am I?

James Dusenbury is a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner in New York with a National Board Certification in Psychiatry from the ANCC, a degree from Stony Brook University, and certification in Child and Adolescent residency at Ohio University.

James has more than 15+ years of experience in psychiatry management. In addition to his profound experience and knowledge, James’ commitment to building a relationship with his patients makes him stand out in the psychiatry field.

James Dusenbury - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in New York psychotherapy and medication management in new york

Our Psychotherapy Solutions

Medication Management

Overcome challenges with a healthy mindset.


Safe space to process your thoughts and emotions.


Safe space to process your thoughts and emotions.

Children Psychotherapist

Treat your teens and youth with love & affection

How Different Approches work?



Every person’s mental health issues will vary depending on their health conditions or their life experiences. Without an in-depth analysis, we will not jump into the medication process.



By providing therapies including talk therapy, play therapy, art therapy, laugh therapy, and others, our therapists are capable of resolving the pain points of patients. We are also experienced with other treatment programs such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), psychodynamic therapy, and group psychotherapy.


Lifetime Support

We will provide lifetime support to our patients so they can visit us even after treatment gets over. Once when you’re done with the treatment, we will send reminders consistently about the checkups. 

Our Client Testimonials

Great visit. I did a video visit, there was almost zero wait time (less then 5 minutes) and the doctor messaged me right away when I first logged on letting me know they were finishing up with a patient and would be with me in a couple of minutes which I really appreciated. Forms were easy to fill out online

Catherine B.

I had my initial telehealth appointment with Mr. Dusenbury. He was able to confirm some things that I had questions about. He asked me thorough questions and listened to me. I felt heard and supported during my appointment. It was not rushed, it started on time, and he was pleasant and personable. I did not feel judged, nor did I feel like he was bothered by my questions, which has been my experience in the past with other practitioners. I will gladly refer others to this practice. I will also continue to work with them.

Justine J.

Dr. Dusenbury has to be by far the best that there is. He is there to listen, to help and to find a solution with whatever it is that you may be going through. He is comfortable to speak with as well as makes you feel confident to talk to.

Vincent V.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly check out our FAQs. You will find answers to specific questions that are asked the most before scheduling an appointment for our psychotherapy services. Our goal is to help you overcome your problems to lead a hale and blissful life. If you don’t find your question, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

  • What can I expect from my first appointment with you?

    As it’s going to be your first appointment, you needn’t be nervous. You can freely share about any kind of difficulties you have in daily life. We will closely listen to your problems and start with the appropriate treatment. 

  • Do you provide psychiatry services for children?

    Our healthcare remedies for children make us stand out. First, we talk with the parents to identify the mental state of their children. If the kid is suffering from a serious disorder, then we will provide long-term treatment, otherwise, a short-term medication would pay off.

  • What if I am receiving medication and if it does not work out?

    We don’t want anyone to return unrecovered. If you don’t feel any improvements, then we will increase/decrease the dosage, or try out a different therapy.

  • Do you take any online sessions?

    Yes, we’re providing online sessions too. If you like to attend any of our counsellings from a remote location, then you can opt-in for our virtual services.

  • How much does your overall medication cost?

    We cannot give a blank statement on this. It depends on the treatment. A person might vary in age, gender, health conditions, etc therefore, based on these factors, both the treatment cost and time will vary.

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